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A fast templating engine for Javascript
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Replate: The Recycling Template Engine

This project is still in proof-of-concept stage.

Replate is a templating engine which is designed for use with templates which you need to reuse or redraw often. It is designed around the core idea that the DOM should be modified as little as possible.

Consider a template like this:

<div class="stats">
    <dt>Active users:</dt>
    <dd class="stat">${count}</dd>

In that tiny snippet, there are 4 elements, 7 text nodes and 2 attributes. In a regular system, updating the template would re-render the entire block into a string, and then the browser would need to parse it into a new DOM fragment to replace the existing sub-tree. Replate, on the other hand, would only touch one node: just the text node which contains the count. This also means that if you had attached event handlers or other data onto the DOM nodes, those properties will remain untouched and you won't need to rebind your events.


Currently, just about everything.

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