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This package sets the default file type of new files to be either the same as the current file, or a predefined default.

This only affects files which are created with the Ctrl+N shortcut (Cmd+N on OSX).


With Package Control

If you have the Package Control package installed, you can install DefaultFileType from inside Sublime Text itself. Open the Command Palette and select "Package Control: Install Package", then search for DefaultFileType and you're done!

Without Package Control

Go to your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory and clone the repository using the command below:

git clone DefaultFileType


Create a file in your Packages/User directory called default_file_type.sublime-settings and you can set these options:

  • default_new_file_syntax (String) This is the path, relative to the Sublime base directory to the language file you'd like to load as the default. Default value is "Packages/Java/Java.tmLanguage"
  • use_current_file_syntax (Boolean) Set this to true to use the current file's syntax for the new file. If false, then the default (above) will always be used. Default value is true

Let me know if you have any problems or feature requests by adding an issue here:


ST2 Package which automatically sets the syntax for new files



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