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CSSpecific is a Sublime Text plugin which will calculate and display the CSS Specificity value of your selectors.


Use Package Control to install "sublime-csspecific".

Alternate instructions (not recommended): Clone the repository into your Sublime Text packages folder:

git clone https://github.com/spadgos/sublime-csspecific CSSpecific

Don't forget to watch for updates!


Open a file containing CSS (this can include HTML files!), and then activate CSSpecific by hitting the hotkey (default: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C), or using the Command Palette.

If you have nothing selected, then all CSS selectors in the file will be evaluated. If you have one or more non-empty selections, then only the selectors which intersect with your selections will be shown.


  • Actual CSS specificity is not calculated as a single number. For simplicity, the real values are converted to a single number (basically, id = 100, class = 10, tag = 1), which is fine in most circumstances, but will break if you have more than 10 classes or tags referenced in a single selector. If this is the case for you, you have bigger problems to deal with first.

  • If you find a bug in the calculations, send me a pull request or report an issue in the tracker. Feature requests welcome, too.