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DocBlockr Extended Changelog

  • v2.9.0, 1 October 2012
    • Adds ObjectiveC and ObjectiveC++ support, thanks to some help from Robb Böhnke
      • Very buggy code, support isn't great but it's better than nothing (hopefully).
    • Single-line comments inside function definitions are handled
    • Notation rules are applied to functions, which means they can define a return type by their name, eg: strFoo
    • Notation rules can define arbitrary tags, for example: functions with a prefix of "_" should get the @private tag.
    • Given the above addition, JS functions starting with an underscore are no longer marked as @private by default.
  • v2.8.2, 28 September 2012
    • When a function is defined across many lines, the parser will find the arguments on extra lines.
  • v2.8.1, 13 September 2012
    • Pressing tab on an empty line will perform a deep indentation instead of moving to the next field
    • Functions starting with _ will get a @private tag in Javascript (thanks to Andrew Hanna)
  • v2.8.0, 26 August 2012
    • New feature: Alt+Q to reformat the description field of a docblock to make it fit nicely within your ruler.
    • Adds support for C++ (thanks to Rafał Chłodnicki)
    • Indenting to the description field works in languages which don't require type information in the docblock.
  • v2.7.4, 8 August 2012
    • Fix for Actionscript docblocks not working
  • v2.7.3, 7 August 2012
    • No trailing whitespace added on the spacer lines added when jsdocs_spacer_between_sections is on (thanks to Rafał Chłodnicki)
    • Fixes a bug with detecting variable names when they have a default value in PHP
    • Changes the notation map to not ignore the leading $ or _, meaning that (for example), you could specify that variables starting with $ are HTMLElements.
  • v2.7.2, 6 August 2012
  • v2.7.1, 5 August 2012
    • Adds per-section alignment (can be set using jsdocs_per_section_indent)
    • Description field for @return tag can be disabled using jsdocs_return_description. (Both thanks to Drarok)
  • v2.7.0, 5 August 2012
    • Adds support for ASDocs (Actionscript)
    • Changes Linux shortcut for reparsing a comment block to Alt+Shift+Tab
  • v2.6.5, 19 June 2012
    • Bugfix for adding linebreaks when not at the start or end of a line
  • v2.6.4, 4 June 2012
    • Better support for indentation using tabs
    • YUI tags are supported by the autocomplete
    • When only whitespace exists on a docblock line, and trim_automatic_white_space is set to true, the whitespace is removed.
    • Better support for comment blocks opened with /*
  • v2.6.3, 30 April 2012
    • Fixes the join-lines command Ctrl+J for CoffeeScript.
  • v2.6.2, 22 March 2012
    • PHP __destruct functions don't get a return value (thanks to Alex Whitman).
  • v2.6.1, 16 March 2012
    • Fixes bug whereby the return values of functions which are named set or add, etc were not being guessed correctly.
    • @return tags are now given a description field (thanks to Nick Dowdell).
  • v2.6.0, 4 March 2012
    • Added CoffeeScript support
  • v2.5.0, 11 February 2012
    • Implemented DocBlock reparsing to re-enable tabstop fields. Hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+Tab.
  • v2.4.1, 2 February 2012
    • Fixed bug #36 whereby docblocks were not being properly extended inside of <script> tags in a HTML document.
  • v2.4.0, 29 January 2012
    • Enter at the end of a comment block (ie: after the closing */) will insert a newline and de-indent by one space.
  • v2.3.0, 15 January 2012
    • Ctrl+Enter on a double-slash comment will now decorate that comment.
    • Added a setting (jsdocs_spacer_between_sections) to add spacer lines between sections of a docblock.
  • v2.2.2, 12 January 2012
    • Separated JS and PHP completions files. PHP completions don't have brackets around type information any more.
    • PHP now uses @var (instead of @type) for documenting variable declarations.
    • Both of these changes are thanks to [svenax][svenax]
  • v2.2.1, 11 January 2012
    • DocBlocks can be triggered by pressing tab after /**
    • Some bugfixes due to auto-complete changes in Sublime Text.
    • Fixed bug where indenting would not work on the first line of a comment.
  • v2.2.0, 5 January 2012
    • A configuration option can be set so that either @return or @returns is used in your documentation.
    • Language-specific tags now will only show for that language (eg: PHP has no @interface tag).
  • v2.1.3, 31 December 2011
    • Changed path for macro file to point to Packages/DocBlockr. If you are having issues, make sure that the plugin is installed in that location (not the previous location Packages/JSDocs).
  • v2.1.2, 31 December 2011
    • Renamed from JSDocs to DocBlockr, since it now does more than just Javascript.
  • v2.1.1, 23 November 2011
    • Fixed bug which broke the completions list
  • v2.1.0, 19 November 2011
    • Added a command to join lines inside a docblock which is smart to leading asterisks
    • Variable types are guessed from their name. is and has are assumed to be Booleans, and callback, cb, done, fn and next are assumed to be Functions.
    • You can now define your own patterns for mapping a variable name to a type.
    • Autocomplete works better now. @ will also insert the "@" character, allowing you to add any tag you like, even if it isn't in the autocomplete list.
    • Added the full set of [PHPDoc][phpdoc] tags.
  • v2.0.0, 6 November 2011
    • PHP support added!
    • (Almost) complete rewrite to allow for any new languages to be added easily
      • Please send feature requests or pull requests for new languages you'd like to add
    • More options for aligning tags
  • v1.3.0, 5 November 2011
    • Improvements to handling of single-line comments
    • Functions beginning with is or has are assumed to return Booleans
    • Consolidated settings files into Base File.sublime-settings. If you had configured your settings in jsdocs.sublime-settings, please move them to the Base File settings.
    • Setting jsdocs_extend_double_slashes controls whether single-line comments are extended.
    • Pressing tab in a docblock will tab to match the description block of the previous tag. Use jsdocs_deep_indent to toggle this behaviour.
  • v1.2.0, 6 October 2011
    • Variable declarations can be documented. Shift+enter to make these inline
    • Double slash comments (// like this) are extended when enter is pressed
    • Class definitions detected and treated slightly differently (no return values pre-filled)
  • v1.1.0, 3 October 2011
    • DocBlockr parses the line following the comment to automatically prefill some documentation for you.
    • Settings available via menu
  • v1.0.0, 28 September 2011
    • Initial release
    • Comments are automatically closed, extended and indented.
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