A ST2/3 plugin to help with inserting require statements
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RequireHelper is a small Sublime Text 2 & 3 plugin which allows you to insert file paths relative to your project root, or a custom subfolder.

I wrote it to save me some time when writing Javascript using the CommonJS style:

var Baz = require('foo/bar/baz');


Activate RequireHelper by pressing its shortcut key (default is Ctrl+Alt+O). Select the file you want by typing its name and press enter. The path, relative to your base is inserted into the document.


There are two configuration options. These can be set in your Preferences.sublime-settings file, or in your project file, under the key of settings. (Examples below)

  • require_helper_base - This is the directory inside your project which should be searched for files.

  • require_helper_remove_regex - If you want to remove characters from the filename before inserting, you can specify a regex here.


In my project, all my javascript files are in a subfolder called /app. This is the contents of my project file (you can get to this file by selecting Project -> Edit Project

      "path": "/home/nick/dev/myproject"
  "settings": {
    "require_helper_base": "app",
    "require_helper_remove_regex": "\\.js$"

For example, when I select a file which is on disk at /home/nick/dev/myproject/app/foo/bar.js, then 'foo/bar is inserted into the document.