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Tyrtle is a Javascript unit testing framework

Tyrtle has been designed for simplicity and legibility, with minimal pollution of the global namespace.

Here's an example of how you can write an assertion:

assert.that(Math.sqrt(49)).is(7).since("The square root of 49 should be 7");

If that's too much typing for you, it's good to know that Tyrtle gives you a fine heaping of syntactic sugar: that, is and since are all completely optional! If you prefer a terser syntax, the exact same assertion can be written like this:

assert(Math.sqrt(49))(7)("The square root of 49 should be 7");


To build the source files (in the src directory) into the compiled Tyrtle.js file, simply run:


Myrtle is a Javascript mocking framework

  • Mocking (spying and stubbing functions)
  • Mock function generation
  • Timer manipulation
  • Speed profiling

Check it out.