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A simple rack-based proxy that allows you to run your node apps through Pow.

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Note: Pow 0.4.0 has built in proxying. You probably don't need this anymore.


PowProxy is a simple rack-based proxy that allows you to run your non-ruby apps (like node, etc.) through Pow.

PowProxy is based on a blog post by Assaf Arkin. It's super easy to use. You really should just read Assaf's blog post to get the full explanation.


gem install pow_proxy


Create a file in your project's root with the following:

require 'pow_proxy'

By default, it assumes the host to be localhost and the port to be 3000 however you can configure that to be anything you'd like:

require 'pow_proxy'
run => '', :port => 8080)

You can also set the host and port by exporting the POW_PROXY_HOST and POW_PROXY_PORT environment variables in your .powenv.

Make sure your app is running, symlink the app so that Pow knows about it and you'll be all set.


Copyright (c) 2012 Steve Agalloco, Assaf Arkin. See LICENSE for details.

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