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PubSub notification system for Hubot

Using Lita? Try lita-pubsub!

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hubot-pubsub demo

Book: Automation and Monitoring with Hubot

Automation and Monitoring with Hubot will show you how to build advanced monitoring systems with Hubot PubSub.


hubot-pubsub allows you to build a simple, yet powerful monitoring / notification system using your corporate chat (Campfire, HipChat, IRC, Jabber / XMPP or even Skype). Simply subscribe events in appropriate chat rooms and publish info about these events via HTTP calls or from other Hubot scripts when they happen.

             Hubot PubSub Event Flow

+--------------+ +--------------+ +---------------+
| hubot script | | HTTP Request | | chat message  |<--+
+-------+------+ +-------+------+ +-------+-------+   |
        |                |                |           |
        |                v                |           |
        |        +--------------+         |           |
        +------->| hubot-pubsub |<--------+           |
                 +-------+------+                     |
                         |                            |
                         v                            |
                 +--------------+                     |
             +---+     hubot    +---+                 |
             |   +--------------+   |                 |
             |                      |                 |
             v                      v                 |
       +---------------+  +---------------+           |
       |  chatroom #1  |  |  chatroom #2  +-----------+
       +---------------+  +---------------+


Add dependency to package.json:

$ npm install --save hubot-pubsub

Include package in Hubot's external-scripts.json:



HUBOT_SUBSCRIPTIONS_PASSWORD   # Optional password for protecting HTTP API calls
HUBOT_PUBSUB_SEND_EVENT_NAME   # Optional boolean determines whether the event name is prefixed on delivered messages (defaults to true)
HUBOT_PUBSUB_DATA_AS_JSON      # Optional boolean determines whether the event data is parsed as a JSON object 
                               # and sent as such (defaults to false)
                               # Useful to post to a Slack channel with rich formatting and attachments


hubot subscribe <event>        # subscribes current room to event
hubot unsubscribe <event>      # unsubscribes current room from event
hubot unsubscribe all events   # unsubscribes current room from all events
hubot subscriptions            # show subscriptions of current room
hubot all subscriptions        # show all existing subscriptions
hubot publish <event> <data>   # triggers event


GET /publish

GET /publish?event=<event>&data=<text>[&password=<password>]

POST /publish

POST /publish
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Body: { "password": "optional", "event": "event", "data": "text" }

Event Namespaces

Hubot PubSub uses . as event namespace separator. I.e.: subscribing to x.y also subscribes to x.y.* events.

Publishing events from other scripts

Emit pubsub:publish event from any other Hubot script to publish something via hubot-pubsub:

robot.emit 'pubsub:publish', 'news', 'Publishing some news from another script'

Handling unsubscribed events

Do hubot subscribe unsubscribed.event in a room where you want all unrouted events to get announced.


  • HTTP password based security is weak - don't use it in public network to publish events with sensitive data