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MooTools! For Rails! So great.

This gem provides:

  • MooTools 1.4.5
  • MooTools More
  • the MooTools UJS adapter
  • assert_select_mootools to test MooTools responses in Ruby tests


Apps generated with Rails 3.1 or later include jquery-rails in the Gemfile by default. To use MooTools instead, you have to pass the -j mootools option. So just make a new app:

rails new myapp -j mootools

If upgrading from an older version of rails, or for rails 3.0 apps, add the mootools-rails gem to your Gemfile.

gem 'mootools-rails'

And run bundle install. The rest of the installation depends on whether the asset pipeline is being used.

Rails 3.1 or greater (with asset pipeline enabled)

The mootools and mootools-ujs files will be added to the asset pipeline and available for you to use. If they're not already in app/assets/javascripts/application.js by default, add these lines:

//= require mootools
//= require mootools_ujs

If you wish to use MooTools More as well, you can add this line to app/assets/javascripts/application.js:

//= require mootools-more

Rails 3.0 (or greater with asset pipeline disabled)

This gem adds a single generator: mootools:install. Running the generator will remove any Prototype JS files you may happen to have, and copy MooTools and the MooTools-ujs driver for Rails (and optionally, MooTools More) to the public/javascripts directory.

This gem will also hook into the Rails configuration process, removing Prototype and adding MooTools to the javascript files included by the javascript_include_tag(:defaults) call. While this gem contains the minified and un-minified versions of MooTools and MooTools More, only the minified versions will be included in the :defaults when Rails is run in production or test mode (un-minified versions will be included when Rails is run in development mode).

To invoke the generator, run:

rails generate mootools:install #--more to enable MooTools More

You're done!


Feel free to open an issue ticket if you find something that could be improved. A couple notes:

  • If it's an issue pertaining to the mootools-ujs javascript, please report it to the mootools-ujs project.

  • If the mootools or mootools-more scripts are outdated (i.e. maybe a new version of MooTools was released yesterday), feel free to open an issue and prod me to get that thing updated. However, for security reasons, I won't be accepting pull requests with updated mootools or mootools-more scripts.


Many thanks to the jquery-rails guys.

Copyright Daniel Spangenberg, released under the MIT License.