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open-source tutorials for building cross-platform apps with Dropbox's Djinni
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docker-compose.yml began in August 2015 as a WordPress site with tutorials on how to build cross-platform iPhone and Android apps utilizing Dropbox's Djinni tool. It quickly became apparent that the tools and development environment involved were involved were evolving too fast for me alone to keep up with. Therefore, version 2.0 has been reinvented as a collaborative GitHub-hosted site that the community can submit updates to, or even add additional tutorials.


Environment Setup


Install Docker and docker-compose, then

docker-compose up --build

Local machine

This project utilizes Jekyll for local viewing as described in Setting up your GitHub Pages site locally with Jekyll. Below is a summary of steps involved to get this up and running...

Make sure you have ruby installed:

$ ruby --version

Install Bundler:

$ gem install bundler

Clone this repository to your local workspace:

$ git clone

Install Jekyll dependencies via Bundler:

$ bundle install

Start a local Jekyll server instance:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Preview your changes to the site via http://localhost:4000

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