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d2cddbf Nov 26, 2011
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""A very simple example demonstrating Sijax and the Flask-Sijax extension."""
import os, sys
path = os.path.join('.', os.path.dirname(__file__), '../')
from flask import Flask, g, render_template
import flask_sijax
app = Flask(__name__)
# The path where you want the extension to create the needed javascript files
# DON'T put any of your files in this directory, because they'll be deleted!
app.config["SIJAX_STATIC_PATH"] = os.path.join('.', os.path.dirname(__file__), 'static/js/sijax/')
# You need to point Sijax to the json2.js library if you want to support
# browsers that don't support JSON natively (like IE <= 7)
app.config["SIJAX_JSON_URI"] = '/static/js/sijax/json2.js'
# Regular flask view function - Sijax is unavailable here
def hello():
return "Hello World!<br /><a href='/sijax'>Go to Sijax test</a>"
# Sijax enabled function - notice the `@Sijax.route` decorator
# used instead of `@app.route` (above).
@flask_sijax.route(app, "/sijax")
def hello_sijax():
# Sijax handler function receiving 2 arguments from the browser
# The first argument (obj_response) is passed automatically
# by Sijax (much like Python passes `self` to object methods)
def hello_handler(obj_response, hello_from, hello_to):
obj_response.alert('Hello from %s to %s' % (hello_from, hello_to))
obj_response.css('a', 'color', 'green')
# Another Sijax handler function which receives no arguments
def goodbye_handler(obj_response):
obj_response.alert('Goodbye, whoever you are.')
obj_response.css('a', 'color', 'red')
if g.sijax.is_sijax_request:
# The request looks like a valid Sijax request
# Let's register the handlers and tell Sijax to process it
g.sijax.register_callback('say_hello', hello_handler)
g.sijax.register_callback('say_goodbye', goodbye_handler)
return g.sijax.process_request()
return render_template('hello.html')
if __name__ == '__main__':, port=8080)