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Setting up Appservice Discord (optional)

The playbook can install and configure matrix-appservice-discord for you.

See the project's documentation to learn what it does and why it might be useful to you.

Setup Instructions:

loosely based on this

  1. Create a Discord Application here.
  2. Retrieve Client ID and Bot token from this Application.
  3. Enable the bridge with the following configuration in your vars.yml file:
matrix_appservice_discord_enabled: true
matrix_appservice_discord_client_id: "YOUR DISCORD APP CLIENT ID"
matrix_appservice_discord_bot_token: "YOUR DISCORD APP BOT TOKEN"
  1. If you've already installed Matrix services using the playbook before, you'll need to re-run it (--tags=setup-all,start). If not, proceed with configuring other playbook services and then with Installing. Get back to this guide once ready.
  2. Retrieve Discord invitelink from the {{ matrix_appservice_discord_base_path }}/invite_link file on the server (this defaults to /matrix/appservice-discord/invite_link)
  3. Invite the Bot to Discord servers you wish to bridge. Administrator permission is recommended.
  4. Join the rooms by following this syntax #_discord_guildid_channelid - can be easily retrieved by logging into Discord in a browser and opening the desired channel. URL will have this format:

Other configuration options are available via the matrix_appservice_discord_configuration_extension_yaml variable.

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