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Adjusting mxisd Identity Server configuration (optional)

By default, this playbook configures an mxisd Identity Server for you.

This server is private by default, potentially at the expense of user discoverability. lookup forwarding

To ensure maximum discovery, you can make your identity server also forward lookups to the central Identity server (at the cost of potentially leaking all your contacts information).

Enabling this is discouraged and you'd better learn more before proceeding.

Enabling forwarding can happen with the following configuration:

matrix_mxisd_matrixorg_forwarding_enabled: true

Customizing email templates

If you'd like to change the default email templates used by mxisd, take a look at the matrix_mxisd_threepid_medium_email_custom_ variables (in the roles/matrix-mxisd/defaults/main.yml file.

mxisd-controlled Registration

To use the Registration feature of mxisd, you can make use of the following variables:

  • matrix_synapse_enable_registration - to enable user-initiated registration in Synapse

  • matrix_synapse_registrations_require_3pid - to control the types of 3pid ('email', 'msisdn') required by the Synapse server for registering

  • variables prefixed with matrix_nginx_proxy_proxy_matrix_3pid_registration_ (e.g. matrix_nginx_proxy_proxy_matrix_3pid_registration_enabled) - to configure the integrated nginx webserver to send registration requests to mxisd (instead of Synapse), so it can apply its additional functionality

  • matrix_mxisd_configuration_extension_yaml - to configure mxisd as required. See the Registration feature's docs for inspiration. Also see the Additional features section below to learn more about how to use matrix_mxisd_configuration_extension_yaml.

Additional features

What this playbook configures for your is some bare minimum Identity Server functionality, so that you won't need to rely on external 3rd party services.

A few variables can be toggled in this playbook to alter the mxisd configuration that gets generated.

Still, mxisd can do much more. You can refer to the mxisd website for more details and configuration options.

To use a more custom configuration, you can define a matrix_mxisd_configuration_extension_yaml string variable and put your configuration in it. To learn more about how to do this, refer to the information about matrix_mxisd_configuration_extension_yaml in the default variables file of the mxisd component.


If email address validation emails sent by mxisd are not reaching you, you should look into Adjusting email-sending settings.

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