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Configuring the Ansible playbook

To configure the playbook, you need to have done the following things:

You can then follow these steps inside the playbook directory:

  • create a directory to hold your configuration (mkdir inventory/host_vars/matrix.<your-domain>)

  • copy the sample configuration file (cp examples/host-vars.yml inventory/host_vars/matrix.<your-domain>/vars.yml)

  • edit the configuration file (inventory/host_vars/matrix.<your-domain>/vars.yml) to your liking. You may also take a look at the various roles/ROLE_NAME_HERE/defaults/main.yml files and see if there's something you'd like to copy over and override in your vars.yml configuration file.

  • copy the sample inventory hosts file (cp examples/hosts inventory/hosts)

  • edit the inventory hosts file (inventory/hosts) to your liking

For a basic Matrix installation, that's all you need. For a more custom setup, see the Other configuration options below.

When you're done with all the configuration you'd like to do, continue with Installing.

Other configuration options

Additional useful services

Core service adjustments

Server connectivity

Authentication and user-related

Bridging other networks

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