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Action for Open. Like hackathons, but more inclusive. Like events, but more impactful. Designed for those without enough time.
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Do a Doathon

Watch this space

The guide isn't finished yet, we're still building it. You can see a bare-bones version here.

Up in the top right, there's a button that says 'Watch'; click it, and set yourself to 'Watching'. This will send you email notifications of new discussions; if you don't want email, but would like an alert just on GitHub, change the setting in Settings -> Notification Center. They will then show up as blue marks over the bell icon on the top of the GitHub page, near your avatar.

Give us a hand

If you love this idea, and want to help contribute, see here for some guidance. We're tracking todo's in issues.


See milestones & issues for our up to date roadmap.

Goals (v.1)

  1. Create a version of hackathons that are collaborative, more approachable and value more diverse contributions explicitly.
  2. Encourage events which are more action focused and that build more community.
  3. Experiment with bringing lots of ideas from hackathons, unconferences, OpenCon / Mozilla, satellites together.

User personas

Who we think we're aiming at, and what we think they think.

Experienced hackathon hosts

  • loves creating things & having impact
  • is frustrated with work dying after two intense days
  • probably rather young

Experienced host of other events

  • see themselves as community leader
  • wants to educate
  • wants to build community

Person who wouldn't normally host

  • doesn't think they have time
  • wouldn't know who to invite & is too scared to do so
  • might be new to an area
  • wants to do a "normal" event

Inspired by

  • unconferences
  • hackathons
  • Mozilla Global Sprint & WOW's
  • story circles
  • years of event organizing & attending...
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