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A home on the web for our community owned infrastructure work.


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SPARC Community-Owned Infrastructure Microsite


This site provides a custom home for SPARC's Community-Owned Infrastructure project materials.


  • Live: Netlify Status
  • Test: Netlify Status

How to make a new post via Github web interface

Posts are usually different sections of the report.

  • You need to have access to add posts to the website. This can be done by adding your github account to the Staff Team.
  • Clicking here. That will start a new post in _posts on the dev branch.
  • Give your post a name. Your name must start with the date you want it posted plus a friendly title and .md at the end. This means post names look like this
  • Start writing. It can be helpful to start by copying template.
  • When you're ready to save, hit commit changes at the bottom.
  • The site will then update, this can take about a minute (you can check the status above). You'll find your post at This will only happen if the post date is today. Think of this as a preview, it won't show up on Google or be discoverable from the live website.
  • If you want to make edits to your post, find it in _posts
  • Once you're happy, it's time to put your post on the live site. To do that, click here. If it shows only your post as being added, great! If it doesn't, best to reach out to @JosephMcArthur for help. If that isn't possible, clicking here and copy your post. This will put your post directly on live, and while this can be bad practice is fine in a pinch.

How to add a report

How to add different type of content

  • Threads: Go to _topics, duplicate any file and adjust to your liking. The tag element on posts affect what topic it goes into.
  • Reports: Go to _reports, duplicate any file and adjust to your liking. The catagory element on posts affects what report is used.
  • Media (e.g images, report PDFs): Go to _media. If you find a folder that makes sense go there, and then upload your image. Then, reference is as you see in the template.
  • Authors. If there is a new author go to _data/authors.yml and copy previous entries.

About the code was the main designer and developer for this project.

The live version of the site is at (using live in this repo). Netlify Status

A dev version is at (using dev in this repo). Netlify Status

Another version of the site for members exists too.

The site uses Jekyll as a build system, and Netlify for server / CDN.

We forked the original codebase from however we likely stripped just about everything out during the build.