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[HolaCDN: Speeding up Video Delivery] (

  1. [Sign up] ( to HolaCDN. Get instant access to your video delivery portal.
  2. Add the JavaScript to your site. Use the portal to see your user's QoE (start/seek times, % buffering, bitrate, etc.).
  3. Enable HolaCDN to improve user QOE and save costs. Use the portal to control the deployment and see the benefits.

[Detailed video analytics (FREE)] (

  • Do you know what is the video start time for your users in London?
  • Is there video buffering for Indian users during peak times?
  • What percentage of your users click play, but never see a video and move on to another site?

No matter what kind of video, origin or CDN(s) you use - HolaCDN can provide answers.

Implementation is simple: simply add a JavaScript to your site. [Start now] (, and access realtime statistics on the portal.

To see a live account, login to the [demo account] ( (user:, password: holacdn)

HolaCDN video analytics are completely free for both non-commercial and commercial use.

##[Hola video CDN] (

Hola also offers a commercial CDN service, specifically designed for video delivery.

Hola client side code “auctions” each chunk of the video between the existing CDN and multiple Hola CDN servers worldwide. First chunks are downloaded from the fastest servers and later chunks are downloaded from the lowest cost servers.

Your video is played using chunks downloaded from multiple CDN servers, at high speed & reliability, with minimal cost. For more details, visit [HolaCDN website] (

Does your site use progressive video? Reduce your CDN costs even more with the bandwidth saver

Progressive MP4/FLV is an easy way to deliver online video, but also wastes bandwidth. Simply put, video downloads in full, but most users don't view all the downloaded bytes. And you end up paying for the wasted bandwidth.

HolaCDN bandwidth saver will instantly reduce HolaCDN's effective cost by 30-40%. Simply add the JavaScript to your video pages. The bandwidth saver is automatically activated as part of HolaCDN. To implement HolaCDN, Follow the step-by-step instructions in [the guide] (


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