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Quick Start Guide

Start using the Spark Notebook in less than 5 minutes? Take these steps:


  • Make sure you are running at least Java 7


  • Go to
    • Choose your release, spark version and additional packages according to your specific needs
    • If trying Spark for the first time, pick the latest release
  • Download one of the packaged builds (TGZ or ZIP)
  • Extract the file somewhere convenient
  • Open a terminal/command window
  • Change to the root directory of the expanded distribution
  • Execute the command bin/spark-notebook (*NIX) or bin\spark-notebook (Windows)
  • Open your browser to localhost:9001

This procedure will launch a Notebook Server with the default configuration. If all went well, you will see the Notebook browser home page:

Notebook browser home page

Where to go from here?

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