Particle parts for computer-aided design (CAD)

Particle Devices Hardware Libraries

In this repository you'll find libraries of Particle devices for use in CAD software.

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Hardware Prototyping

Fritzing is a great open-source software to document your hardware projects. Here's how to add Particle devices to your projects:

  1. Download the Fritzing library
  2. In Fritzing, use File -> Open to import the library.
  3. Create a new sketch and add parts from the Particle bin.

Fritzing Electron breadboard

PCB Footprints (land pattern)

PCB footprints or land patterns for Eagle are provided as a reference and you may need to adjust them for your application.

Download the Eagle library, unzip it and place it in your Eagle libraries folder.

If you would like to contribute a library with the PCB footprints for another software, like KiCad, please submit a pull request.

See the documentation for more details on the recommended PCB foot prints.

How to Use Eagle

If you need more information about how to use Eagle, check out the Sparkfun Eagle Tutorials:

3D CAD Models

Here are some 3D models provided by our awesome community! Please review them before using them to create your own enclosures or products.

Currently all models are provided in Sketchup format. If you want to improve any model or convert them to another CAD format, please submit a pull request

Photon Photon (no headers)





License Information

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All files distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike license.