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Changes in version 3.2.20160930.1:
1. Turns on the fans again (accidentally off since v.3.0)
2. Doesn't do a homing rotation when cancelling durning exposure or pre-exposure delay
3. Uses time servers accessible from within China
4. Defends against CSRF security vulnerability
Changes in version 3.1.20160606.0:
1. Allows projector to be upgraded to support pattern mode
2. Supports printing in either video or pattern mode
3. Print data files with no extension loaded via web client handled as gzipped tar files
4. Front panel button press-and-hold action no longer requires release
Changes in version 3.0.20160315.0:
1. Fixes intermittent freezing issue (upgrade to Debian 8 and 4.1.16-ti-r44 linux kernel)
2. Fixes defect causing front panel to sometimes display an incorrect IP address
Changes in version 2.3.20160126.1:
1. Fixes defect in which projector's gamma correction wasn't disabled on ~3% of power-ups
Changes in version 2.3.20151207.0:
1. Allows loading print data when door is open
2. Print and printer settings may be read and set from desktop apps
3. Doesn't attempt to rotate to home position at completion of print
4. Allows canceling a print before it's actually started printing
5. Shows print owner name for prints in progress and awaiting feedback
Changes in version 2.2.20151029.0:
1. Disables projector's gamma correction
2. Supports improved XY dimensional accuracy via slice image scaling
3. Uses more recent version of Faye for improved communication with web portal
4. Supports changing print settings on the fly
Changes in version 2.1.20150914.2:
1. Enters Demo Mode when right button pressed on powerup
2. Supports loading print data directly from USB drive
Changes in version 2.0.20150728.2:
1. Supports low-level control of motors, including smooth acceleration & deceleration, and ability to pause, resume, and cancel movements in progress
2. Improved jam detection and optional auto-recovery
3. Per-layer overrides of all print settings
4. Optional tray deflection step before exposure
5. Projector LED current control via a printer setting
6. Printer settings may be read and set from web apps
7. Feedback on completed prints is solicited when the printer is connected to the net, and reported to the web app
8. Front panel display updates are much faster, and it optionally sleeps when idle
9. Optionally homes on approach (instead of 60 degree rotation), to avoid losing track of position when partial jams
10. Print data can be loaded using a zip archive in addition to a gzipped tar file
Changes in version 1.2.20150418.0:
1. Shows IP address (if any) on version screen
2. Supports field upgradeable AVR firmware
3. Uses Spark cloud API
4. Allows disabling jam detection via a setting
5. Only updates front panel’s print status screen when the remaining minutes changes
6. Delays before exposure (including first exposure and after pause & inspect) based on xxxApproachWaitMS settings for current layer type
7. Optional calibration at the start of every print
Changes in version 1.1.20150203.3:
1. Largely fixes defect DE30 (print file load sometimes fails)
2. On every pause, the tray is rotated to cover the projector and (when there's room) the model is raised for inspection
3. Supports connection to users' WiFi networks
4. Turns off projector's LED when not exposing (for printers manufactured after late April, 2015)
Initial version: 1.0.1203.0