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Preferred Toolbar for Atom: a tool-bar plugin

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This is a plugin for the Atom Tool Bar package.


An Atom tool-bar plugin that builds upon the tool-bar package to provide preferred actions, including live previews, git, formatting, dev tools, IDE tools, and other popularly used actions while remaining uncluttered and intuitive.

It is a fully configurable toolbar compatible with any package. Configuration can be done with a CSON, JSON, JSON5, js, or coffee file to perform specific actions in Atom or to open web sites in your default browser.


To edit your config file, type Atom Toolbar Preferred: Edit Config File in the Atom command palette.

Default Setup

General Commands

  • open file
  • open folder (requires atom-commander package)
  • save file
  • list projects (requires project-manager package)

Previews & Management

  • markdown preview (requires markdown-preview package)
  • html preview (requires atom-html-preview package)
  • find and replace
  • project: ToDo list (requires todo-show package)

Git Commands

  • git command menu (requires git-plus package)
  • git projects (requires git-projects package)
  • show blame (requires blame package)
  • show git diff details (requires git-diff-details package)
  • show merge conflicts (requires merge-conflicts package)
  • show git time machine (requires git-time-machine package)
  • open on github (requires open-on-github package)

Viewing & Arranging

  • toggle fullscreen
  • split screen - vertically
  • split screen - horizontally
  • focus active pane (requires hey-pane package)
  • split diff (requires split-diff package)
  • toggle sidebar
  • toggle minimap (requires minimap package)
  • toggle exposé (requires expose package)


  • beautify (requires atom-beautify package)
  • auto-indent
  • fold all
  • unfold all

IDE & Dev Tools

  • open a terminal (split bottom) (requires term3 package)

    • config file can also be altered to use
    1. term2 package
    2. terminal-plus package
    3. platformio-ide-terminal package
  • open codekit (requires codekit program and codekit-atom-sync package)

  • add project to codekit (requires codekit program and codekit-atom-sync package)

  • run script (requires script package)

  • stop script (requires script package)

  • configure script (requires script package)

  • reload window

  • toggle dev-tools

  • ask stack-overflow (requires ask-stack)

  • open command palette

  • open settings view

*Note: The toolbar buttons that require other packages will appear when you have those packages installed.


To use 'atom-toolbar-preferred', you have to first install the 'tool-bar' dependency package:

Command Line

apm install tool-bar

Then you install the atom-toolbar-preferred package:

apm install atom-toolbar-preferred


  1. You have the ability to include custom entries.
  2. You also have the ability to load the suggested defaults along side your custom entries, or only the custom entries.


Atom Preferred Toolbar has four types you can configure:

button, url, function and spacer.

  1. button creates default buttons for your toolbar.
    • You can use it to set actions like application:new-file.
  2. url creates buttons pointing to specific web pages.
    • Use this to open any web site, such as your GitHub notifications, in your default browser.
    • If you have the package browser-plus installed, you can open links with atom. To enable this feature, check the corresponding box within Atom Toolbar Preferred's settings.
    • Atom URI can also be used. For example; atom://config/packages/atom-toolbar-preferred will open Atom Toolbar Preferred's settings.
  3. function creates buttons that can call a function with the previous target as a parameter
    • In order to do this, the config file must be a .js or .coffee file that exports the array of buttons.
  4. spacer adds separators between toolbar buttons.


  • multiple callback
  • function callback
  • inline button styles
  • add class(s) to buttons
  • hide/disable a button in certain cases


    type: "url"
    tooltip: "Github Page"
    url: ""
    icon: "octoface"
    type: 'button'
    tooltip: 'List projects'
    dependency: 'project-manager'
    callback: 'project-manager:list-projects'
    icon: 'file-submodule'
    type: 'button'
    tooltip: 'Markdown Preview'
    dependency: 'markdown-preview'
    callback: 'markdown-preview:toggle'
    disable: '!markdown' # only show button for markdown files
    icon: 'social-markdown'
    iconset: 'ion'
    type: "function"
    tooltip: "Debug Target"
    callback: (target) ->
      console.dir target
    icon: "bug"
    iconset: "fa"
    type: "spacer"

See more examples on Wiki


sparkDEMAND Jay Schwartz
sparkDEMAND Jay Schwartz


Apache-2.0 @ sparkDEMAND, LLC.

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