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I write a shell script to indent LaTeX documents with the perl package [latexindent](

How to use?


./ path/filename.tex

What the shell script does are:

  • generate the indented tex documents which is still named filename.tex

  • backup the original tex file filename.tex as filename.tex.old

The usage of latexindent version 2.1R
usage: [options] [file][.tex]
      -h  help (see the documentation for detailed instructions and examples)
      -o  output to another file; sample usage
       -o myfile.tex outputfile.tex
      -w  overwrite the current file- a backup will be made, but still be careful
      -s  silent mode- no output will be given to the terminal
      -t  tracing mode- verbose information given to the log file
      -l  use localSettings.yaml (assuming it exists in the directory of your file)
      -d  ONLY use defaultSettings.yaml, ignore ALL user files
      -c=cruft directory used to specify the location of backup files and indent.log
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