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Renders an API response (resource) into markup on a page on the client side.
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Post Preview is a standalone client-side UMD JavaScript module for rendering an API response (resource) on a page using solidus-client and a handlebars template.

Getting the Module

You can download the latest release from GitHub or install with npm install post-preview.

Example Usage

To get started, you'll need to include the script on your page, create a placeholder element, and initialize the module. After you include post-preview.js in your project, here's a minimal code pattern you can use to get started quickly;

<div id="post"></div>
window.onload = function() {
  var postPreview = new PostPreview({
    element: '#post',
    resource: '';

At a minimum, you'll need to change the resource parameter to match your needs.

Advanced Usage


The module can be configured with several optional parameters passed to it's constructor. Here is the full list of options:


(Required) A DOM element, jQuery element, or selector string to refer to the placeholder element.


If you want to customize the markup, you can override the default markup by passing in a compiled handlebars template using this option. See the default template for a starting point to work from. (Defaults to false).

Browser Support

This module supports the latest versions of all major browsers. IE9 and lower are not supported.

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