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Sparkbox develops design systems, web products, and websites to serve your needs—and empowers you to do the same.


  1. standard Public

    How we work and best practices

    Shell 284 50

  2. safe-focus Public

    Safe Focus is a utility file that adds custom outline styles for all selectable components.

    JavaScript 7

  3. cachebust Public

    A simple node cachebust tool

    JavaScript 8 4

  4. splinter Public

    🐭 Parse and split SCSS files based on functions and mixins.

    JavaScript 2

  5. email-lab Public

    📩 Starter project for designing and testing HTML email templates

    JavaScript 282 33

  6. bouncy-ball Public

    🔴 Compare web animation techniques by bouncing a ball with each one.

    JavaScript 505 68


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