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Abstract Checklist: Tips for Writing a Good Session Abstract

Thoughts borrowed and condensed from Jim Holmes (

  • Communicate the value. Does it explain the value of what folks will get from your session?
  • Focus. Is it overly broad? If so, focus on specifics.
  • Titles matter. Make sure it’s catchy and showcases what your session is about.
  • Explain what attendees will get out of the session. Make it clear what your attendees will learn during your session. “You’ll leave this session with a handle on ways to smooth out your project’s environment” or “This session will show you a great system for boosting customer collaboration and increasing your code’s quality” are good examples.
  • Examples. Include examples of what will be discussed.
  • Format. Introduction, body, conclusion. Hook in the opening.
  • Include feedback. Have you presented this topic before and received positive, meaningful feedback? If so, include.
  • Keep it concise. One to two paragraphs should be enough.
  • Do you need a bio? If you need to include a bio, make sure it’s not longer than your abstract.
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