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catheraaine committed Oct 19, 2018
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@@ -14,7 +14,9 @@ How we dance.
* **[Code Style](/code-style/** _The way we write documentation and code._
* **[Culture](/culture)** _How we Sparkbox._
* **[Foundry](/foundry)** _How we write on the Foundry._
* **[Hosting](/hosting)** _How we work with servers._
* **[Meetups](/meetups)** _Our MO for preparing and facilitating meetups._
* **[Office](/office)** _How we interact with traditional office supplies and services._
* **[Project Management](/project_management/** _How we manage our projects._
* **[Security](/security)** _How we keep safe._
* **[Services we Use](/services)** _Dropbox, Skype, etc._

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