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@afebbraro afebbraro released this Apr 29, 2019 · 478 commits to master since this release

2019 Spring Release 🌺

Spark Design System published new releases. Details can be read below.


This release adds React versions of Spark components and supplemental documentation. In addition, a new Stepper component has been added. Several bugs were fixed and the Getting Started documentation pages were updated.

Version Details

  • spark-react: v1.0.0 - ⚡️first release
  • spark-core: v10.1.0 - Minor bump
  • spark-card: v4.0.3 - patch
  • spark-highlight-board: v4.0.4 - patch
  • spark-dictionary: v1.0.2 - patch
  • spark-core-angular: v8.0.6 - patch
  • spark-extras-angular-award: v3.0.12 - patch
  • spark-extras-angular-card: v3.0.11 - patch
  • spark-extras-angular-dictionary: v3.0.11 - patch
  • spark-extras-angular-highlight-board: v4.0.0 - breaking change, full version bump❗️

Component Updates


  • This release adds a new Stepper component to Spark. The React and Angular versions are coming soon in a future release.

Angular HighlightBoard - BREAKING CHANGE ❗️

  • Removed the option for fullWidth from the Angular HighlightBoard component. If you were using this to have the Highlight Board take up 100% width of the viewport regardless of it's container, add the class sprk-u-FullWidth to the highlight board.


  • Fixes a bug with long checkbox labels in Safari causing checkboxes to shrink.

Angular Link

  • Fixes a bug with the sprk-link component when it was set to be a jump link to an element that doesn't exist.


  • Fixes a bug in the Tabs component where role="tablist" was on the main tabs component element when it needed to be on the element that wraps the tab buttons.
  • Added the ability to navigate with keyboard in Tabs using the up and down arrow keys in addition to the current keyboard navigation.


  • Fixes a bug with scrolling in the narrow navigation in ff/edge/ie11 when the nav had a lot of items.


  • Adds a new feature to the Stack component to allow you to reverse the direction of the items in the row. It's an additional modifier CSS class that can be added to the parent Stack element. .sprk-o-Stack--split-reverse@<breakpoint>


  • Adds a new feature to the Card component to make the card take up the full width of it's container. Add a new modifier of sprk-c-Card--full to the card element.


  • The designers page was removed.❗️
  • The developers page was broken up to be three separate pages of HTML, React, and Angular.
  • Fixes a bug in the docs where the Angular code example code caused the Angular Select Boxes to not render with the chevron icon by default.
  • Fixes a bug in modal documentation where the Angular modalType input was incorrectly displayed as modaltype.
  • Improves the documentation for modals.
  • Fixes a bug in the documentation with Angular Inputs where the Date Picker Input Calendar does not appear on click.
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