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December 4th, 2018

Spark Design System published releases to all packages on this date. Details can be read below.


This release fixed a couple of minor bugs, added an exports file, the new Dropdown component, and the revised Masthead component.

Version Details

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  • spark-core: v6.0.1
  • spark-card: v3.1.4
  • spark-highlight-board: v3.1.4
  • spark-description-table: v3.1.5
  • spark-core-angular: v6.0.1
  • spark-extras-angular-award: v3.0.5
  • spark-extras-angular-card: v3.0.4
  • spark-extras-angular-dictionary: v3.0.4
  • spark-extras-angular-highlight-board: v3.0.4

Bug fixes

  • Fixed gray-tint-75 value bug in documentation site
  • Fixed bug with dom-slider package by upgrading the package's version

New Additions

  • Added Spark Core JS exports
  • Updated Release Notes page to include links to the release notes
  • Added new button modifier that reduces the button padding
  • Added new Masthead component to Spark Core and Spark Core Angular
  • Added a new height utility class to make something 100% height
  • Added new dropdown component to Spark Core and Spark Core Angular
  • Renamed hamburger class name to menu


  • Removed Secondary and Wide Navigation components (now apart of masthead)
  • Removed the Secondary nav import in angular footer since this component was removed

Breaking Changes

Spark Core, and Spark Core Angular both had breaking changes. The secondary and wide navigations in Vanilla and Angular have been deprecated. The masthead is now available and applications using the old masthead will need to replace it with the new one.

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