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@13protons 13protons released this Mar 21, 2019 · 1308 commits to master since this release

Spark Design System published a release to all Angular packages on this date. Details can be read below.


This is a patch release to fix issues #1177 and #1178 concerning link behavior, especially within the Masthead component.

This release only affects the Angular implementation of Spark

Version Details

  • spark-core-angular: v8.0.1
  • spark-extras-angular-award: v3.0.11
  • spark-extras-angular-card: v3.0.10
  • spark-extras-angular-dictionary: v3.0.10
  • spark-extras-angular-highlight-board: v3.0.10

Component Updates


  • The sprk-link component has been upgraded to inspect the incoming href property and automatically forward inbound links to the routerLink directive while sending outbound links via the standard anchor href

  • All components with child links have been normalized to use the sprk-link component with one-off <a> tags removed from component templates

  • Components that previously only allowed inbound links and now intelligently select inbound vs. outbound:

  • Components that previously only allowed outbound links and now intelligently select inbound vs. outbound:


  • The Masthead expanded menu has been upgraded to automatically hide itself after following an inbound while on narrow (mobile) screens by hooking into the router's NavigationEnd event
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