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November 19, 2019

Spark Design System published releases to all packages on this date. Details can be read below.


This release fixed several bugs, added the option to open links in a new tab in Angular, added color utilities, and several other improvements.

Version Details

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  • spark-core: v5.0.0
  • spark-card: v3.1.2
  • spark-highlight-board: v3.1.2
  • spark-description-table: v3.1.3
  • spark-core-angular: v5.0.0
  • spark-extras-angular-award: v3.0.3
  • spark-extras-angular-card: v3.0.2
  • spark-extras-angular-dictionary: v3.0.2
  • spark-extras-angular-highlight-board: v3.0.2

Bug fixes

  • Fix use of aria-controls in narrow navigation.
  • Make Angular toggle use <ng-content> so users can use any type of HTML elements in toggles instead of only paragraph text. This fixes a bug where you could only have paragraph text in Angular toggles.
  • Add icon current color modifier class to inputs with icons to make icons the same color as the text. The class is also now available to use for icons (sprk-c-Icon--current-color).
  • Input docs fix for additionalClasses that was causing errors in Angular builds (now uses class="").
  • Remove error class from disabled input partial so the underline is gray now in documentation site (not a bug in Spark, only in Spark doc site).
  • Add fix for shrinking icon in input errors with long messages.
  • Fix issue with multiline links where the underline wasn't underling each line of text.

New Additions

  • Add a new "icon with link" variant to Spark Core links.
  • Add plain link type option for @Input on Angular link component.
  • Add target @input to Angular links so target attribute can be set (ex. target="_blank").
  • Add new color utilities for CSS color and background-color properties.

Style Updates

  • Add a new gray background to the footer.
  • Update secondary button hover styles and card border styles (scss changes only).


  • Improve divider documentation.
  • Add unit tests for data automation Ids.
  • Add unit test for Promo.
  • Remove additionalClasses from Angular buttons, now uses class="".

Breaking Changes

Spark Core, and Spark Core Angular both had breaking changes. Please update your footer, Angular toggles, and Inputs and check out the Spark Docs components to see the new changes.

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