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Spark-Core on npm

Breaking Changes

  • Moved Spark Tables from Components to Base
    • .sprk-c-TableContainer becomes .sprk-b-TableContainer
    • .sprk-c-Table__head becomes .sprk-b-Table__head
    • .sprk-c-Table__row-heading becomes .sprk-b-Table__row-heading
    • .sprk-c-Table__grouped-column becomes .sprk-b-Table__grouped-column
    • .sprk-c-Table--row-comparison becomes .sprk-b-Table--row-comparison
    • .sprk-c-Table__empty-heading becomes .sprk-b-Table__empty-heading
    • .sprk-c-Table__grouped-columns becomes .sprk-b-Table__grouped-columns

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a flexbox bug with the horizontal centering of Stack object children in IE11.
  • Fixed a bug in Accordions where visited links were white on a white background.
  • Fixed a bug where the menu icon was black when it needed to be blue.
  • Fixed a bug with the menu icon animation in IE11.
  • Fixed an issue that caused line-height collision to not work.

Spark Docs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken "Typography" link on the typography page in the docs site.
  • Fixed a bug in the docs site where the masthead was showing up on top of elements that should be covering it. 🎉 Congrats and thank you to @bobwise for his first PR 🎉


  • Improved documentation by mentioning the need for the data-sprk-main attribute.
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