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How to Publish Spark

We currently publish these packages:



Before You Start

Once you have your updates merged into master, do the following:

  • Go through the updates and write release notes, noting any breaking changes and what the new version numbers should be for each package.
  • Create a publish branch based on master
  • Push a copy up to your origin (fork)
  • Make sure you are logged in to npm via the command line npm login (you will need publish rights)

Publishing Vanilla

We use Lerna to handle publishing Vanilla packages.

  • For each extras component, update the peer dependency to the next version of spark.

Run these commands:

lerna bootstrap

This will detect which vanilla packages have changes and will prompt you for version numbers.

lerna publish

This will publish the packages to npm.

Publishing Angular

We publish the generated versions of each Angular project. These versions are located in src/angular/dist after the Angular portion of the build is complete.

  • Go into each Angular project in the src directory src/angular/projects and verify that the version is updated and that the peerDependency on spark-core and any spark-extras packages are updated.
  • Rerun the Angular build gulp dev-all or gulp dev-spark-angular
  • Go into each Angular project in the dist directory src/angular/dist and run npm publish

When You're Done

  • Create a release on, including creating a new tag and adding your release notes.
  • Paste a message in the Spark Design System MS Teams room, announcing the release.
  • Your local branch will have updated package.json files and package-lock.json files. Commit these changes and push them up to your origin, then open a PR against master.
  • Once the PR is merged, open another PR from master->staging to bring those changes in.
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