A container to expose your Markdown-based project documentation with Raneto
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Raneto Docker image

A container to expose your Markdown-based project documentation with Raneto.

While a Raneto base image is available at the time of writing (https://github.com/chanux/docker-raneto) I felt like creating my own so that:

  • It was based on official Node images (node, npm and other tools already there). I used slim to keep things lightweight.
  • The container was exposing a local docs folder via Raneto, so that I can use the same image on different projects with docker-compose.
  • I was finally able to grok this srtange beast that is Docker :)


The last version of this image is based on Node 6.1.0-slim image, with global gulp-cli and Raneto 0.9.0.


This image works mounting a local documentation folder in a volume inside the container, and exposing Raneto on port 3000 (standard). If you want to change your Raneto configuration, use this image as base and copy a new configuration file in /srv/raneto/example/config.default.js.

To run the image issue:

docker run -p 80:80 -v </path/to/your/content>:/srv/raneto/content -d sparkfabrik/raneto

You can then browse your content visiting:


Contributions and todo

EDIT: most of the points below derive by the current state of Raneto's repository. Until the porting to npm won't be polished and over, putting effort in this repository to fix what is basically window-dressing is useless.

We left this repo here for public references and opened a new repo with a customized version of Raneto to implement our company's distribution of the service.

You can take inspiration from this repo https://github.com/sparkfabrik/Sparketo for how to tailer Raneto to your needs.

  • PRs are welcome, I'll try to review them as quickly as possible.
  • -I'm not fond at all of the way configuration is included. It would be top to have a default config and a local one in content directory. I'm not that skilled in node.js to know hot to achieve this ATM. If anyone has a good idea, PR it to me.-
  • -Currently only standard theme is available in the image. Being able to dinamically read new themes from local volume would be great. Same as above.-


Thanks to chanux who inspired me a bit with his Chanux Raneto Docker image. Thanks to my colleague Paolo Mainardi who forced me to consider Docker as an actual tool, explained me lot of black magic and gave me great advices on sucha small Dockerfile. Thanks to my colleague Francesco Benigno for his (almost) solo work on Sparketo. Raneto team for providing a simple and effective tool for this widespread need. Exactly what I was looking for! :)