Example firmware and hardware files for the ADXL345 Evaluation Board
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ADXL345 Evaluation Board

ADXL345 Evaluation Board
ADXL345 Evaluation Board (SEN-09814)

The ADXL Evaluation Board is an accelerometer capable of up to +/- 16g at up to 13-bit resolution, combined with a data logger and ATMega328 for onboard processing.


  • ADXL345 triple-axis accelerometer
  • microSD socket for FAT32/16 data logging
  • ATMega328 with Arduino bootloader
  • USB connector for serial communication
  • 2xAA battery sockets to power board
  • Pre-installed firmware logs ADXL345 outputs and allows reading/writing of registers via USB

Repository Contents

  • /hardware - PCB Design files
  • /firmware - Arduino example sketch and source code

License Information

The hardware is released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0. The source code was created by SparkFun Electronics. The Arduino sketch was originally written by Euristic at Live Fast-Code Young.