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Development board design and example code for the ATmega128RFA1
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ATmega128RFA1 Development Board

A development platform for the ATmega128RFA1 -- an 8-bit microcontroller combined with an 802.15.4 RF engine.

ATmega128RFA1 Dev Board
ATmega128RFA1 Dev Board

Design files and firmware files for the ATmega128RFA1 Development Board.

Repository Contents

  • /hardware - Eagle PCB layout files
  • /firmware - Arduino addon and example sketches to make use of it. (See the hookup guide for help installing this.)
  • /Production Files - Files to support SparkFun production

License Information

All contents of this repository are released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.

Authors: Jim Lindblom @ SparkFun Electonics

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