This is an Arduino library for SparkFun's Color LCD Shield
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SparkFun Color LCD Shield

NOTE: This product has been retired from our catalog. If you are looking for more up-to-date info, please check out the forum, comments here on GitHub, or IRC channel to see how other users are still hacking and improving on this product.

SparkFun Color LCD Shield
Color LCD Shield (LCD-09363)

The Color LCD Shield interfaces your Arduino with a knock-off 132x132 Nokia 6100 LCD. The LCD is available with one of two controlling drivers - a Philips PCF8833 or an Epson S1D15G10.

A really great resource for working with both the Epson and Philips controllers is Jim Lynch's Display Driver tutorial. Much of this example code stems from that document.

Repository Contents

  • /hardware - Hardware design files for the Color LCD Shield PCB. These files were designed in Eagle CAD.
  • /Libraries - Arduino library for use with the SparkFun Color LCD Shield.

License Information

The hardware and example firmware are released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.