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Edison mezzanine board that maps Edison GPIO to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.
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Production Files

SparkFun Edison Pi Block

SparkFun Edison Pi Block

SparkFun Edison Pi Block (DEV-13044)

The Pi Block is a simple breakout board to bring the GPIO from the Intel Edison to the user. The Block provides level-shifted access to basic GPIO, PWM, UART, I2C, and SPI. The pins are presented in the same configuration as a Raspberry Pi Model B header.

Access to the GPIO pins can be accomplished through MRAA. The GPIO number listed on the board or Linux is not the same as MRAA. Refer to the table to see which GPIO pin maps to which number in MRAA.

MRAA pin map table based on Intel's IOT Dev Kit Repository

Pins on the Pi Block are denoted with a * after the GP number

Edison Pin (Linux) Arduino Breakout Mini Breakout MRAA Number Pinmode0 Pinmode1 Pinmode2
GP12* 3 J18-7 20 GPIO-12 PWM0
GP13* 5 J18-1 14 GPIO-13 PWM1
GP14* A4 J19-9 36 GPIO-14
GP15 J20-7 48 GPIO-15
GP19* J18-6 19 GPIO-19 I2C-1-SCL
GP20* J17-8 7 GPIO-20 I2C-1-SDA
GP27 J17-7 6 GPIO-27 I2C-6-SCL
GP28 J17-9 8 GPIO-28 I2C-6-SDA
GP40 13 J19-10 37 GPIO-40 SSP2_CLK
GP41 10 J20-10 51 GPIO-41 SSP2_FS
GP42 12 J20-9 50 GPIO-42 SSP2_RXD
GP43 11 J19-11 38 GPIO-43 SSP2_TXD
GP44* A0 J19-4 31 GPIO-44
GP45* A1 J20-4 45 GPIO-45
GP46* A2 J19-5 32 GPIO-46
GP47* A3 J20-5 46 GPIO-47
GP48* 7 J19-6 33 GPIO-48
GP49 8 J20-6 47 GPIO-49
GP77 J19-12 39 GPIO-77 SD
GP78 J20-11 52 GPIO-78 SD
GP79 J20-12 53 GPIO-79 SD
GP80 J20-13 54 GPIO-80 SD
GP81 J20-14 55 GPIO-81 SD
GP82 J19-13 40 GPIO-82 SD
GP83 J19-14 41 GPIO-83 SD
GP84 J20-8 49 GPIO-84 SD
GP109* J17-11 10 GPIO-109 SPI-5-SCK
GP110* J18-10 23 GPIO-110 SPI-5-CS0
GP111* J17-10 9 GPIO-111 SPI-5-CS1
GP114* J18-11 24 GPIO-114 SPI-5-MISO
GP115* J17-12 11 GPIO-115 SPI-5-MOSI
GP128 2 J17-14 13 GPIO-128 UART-1-CTS
GP129 4 J18-12 25 GPIO-129 UART-1-RTS
GP130* 0 J18-13 26 GPIO-130 UART-1-RX
GP131* 1 J19-8 35 GPIO-131 UART-1-TX
GP134 J20-3 44
GP135 J17-5 4 GPIO-135 UART
GP165 A5 J18-2 15 GPIO-165
GP182 6 J17-1 0 GPIO-182 PWM2
GP183 9 J18-8 21 GPIO-183 PWM3

Repository Contents

  • /Hardware - Eagle PCB layout files
  • /Production - Files to support SparkFun production


Product Versions

Version History

  • V_1.0 - GitHub files version 1.0

License Information

This product is open source!

Please review the file for license information.

If you have any questions or concerns on licensing, please contact

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

  • Your friends at SparkFun.
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