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+MaKey MaKey
-Makey Makey
+[![MaKey MaKey](
+*MaKey MaKey - Standard Kit (WIG-11511)*](
+Using the MaKey MaKey you can *make* anything into a *key* (get it?) just by connecting a few alligator clips. The MaKey MaKey is an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard. This allows you to hook up all kinds of fun things as an input.
+The MaKey MaKey uses high resistance switching to detect when you've made a connection even through materials that aren't very conductive (like leaves, pasta or people). This technique attracts noise on the input, so a moving window averager is used to lowpass the noise. The on-board ATMega32u4 communicates with your computer using the Human Interface Device (HID) protocol which means that it can act like a keyboard or mouse.
+Repository Contents
+* **/design** - Hardware files developed in EAGLE
+* **/firmware** - Example firmware files
+Product Versions
+**[WIG-11511]( - Standard kit, OEM packaging**
+The standard kit includes the MaKey MaKey HID board, alligator clips, jumper wires, and a Mini-USB cable in OEM packaging.
+**[WIG-11519]( - Deluxe kit, OEM packaging**
+The deluxe kit includes everything found in the standard kit along with an additional pack of alligator clips and a roll of copper wire (all in OEM packaging).
+**[RTL-11437]( - Standard kit, retail packaging**
+This kit contains everything found in the standard kit and comes in retail-ready plastic packaging.
+License Information
+The hardware is released under [Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0](
+All other code is open source hardware so please feel free to do anything you want with it; you buy me a beer if you use this and we meet someday ([Beerware license](

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