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Added support for wilcard listing and removal of files. This should n…

…ow work the same as in previous OpenLog versions. "cd.." now works up to a depth of 15 folders. The depth can be increase be redefining a global variable. Added new commands "efcount", "efinfo", "eem", "verbose" that are simplifying embedded usage with OpenLog. Also fixed some code indentation problems and removed old commented code not being used any more.
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Paul Ring authored and nseidle committed Sep 25, 2010
1 parent d4802d3 commit 4ab9dfea97e3c287e9185fb1824aa25deefd03a7
Showing with 579 additions and 317 deletions.
  1. +313 −168 OpenLog_v2/OpenLog_v2.pde
  2. +256 −148 OpenLog_v2/SdFat.cpp
  3. +10 −1 OpenLog_v2/SdFat.h
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