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Commits on Mar 7, 2013
  1. @nseidle

    Cleaning up directory structure.

    nseidle authored
    Filing firmware and hardware into their own directories.
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
  1. @nseidle

    v3.0 Re-write of core functions. Support under Arduino v1.0. Now supp…

    nseidle authored
    …orts full speed 57600 and 115200bps! Lower standby power. 28354 bytes out of 32256. Update to new beta version of SerialPort lib from Bill Greiman. Update to Arduino v1.0. With Bill's library, we don't need to hack the HardwareSerial.cpp. Re-wrote the append function. This function is the most important function and has the most affect on record accuracy. We are now able to record at 57600 and 115200bps at full blast! The performance is vastly improved. To compile v3.0 you will need Arduino v1.0 and Bill's beta library:
    Unzip '' and '' to the libraries directory and close and restart Arduino.
    Small stuff:
    Redirected all static strings to point to the new way in Arduino 1.0: NewSerial.print(F("asdf")); instead of PgmPrint
    Figured out lower standby power from the low-power tutorial:
    Corrected #define TRUE to built-in supported 'true'
    Re-arranged some functions
    Migrating to Uno bootloader to get an additional 1500 bytes of program space
    Replumbed everything to get away from hardware UART
    Reduced # of sub directory support from 15 levels to 2 to allow for more RAM
    Wildcard remove is not yet supported in v3.0
    Wildcard ls is not yet supported in v3.0
    efcount and efinfo is not yet supported in v3.0
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