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"Error card.init" message when using a card with no Log files previously written #142

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Using latest v3.14: An empty card, apart from the CONFIG.TXT file, seems to provoke a card init error message. If I delete CONFIG.TXT and allow OpenLog to write another it works OK. Once Log files are present on the card this problem seems not to occur, even if I overwrite CONFIG.TXT with different settings, e.g. I use ASCII char 35 and set number of presses required to -1 to prevent accidental entry to the shell when logging.

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I can't seem to replicate this issue. Are you still having issues? Have you tired a different SD card? I'm suspicious of the card...


Quite possibly its a card or connector issue. The problem is not consistent.


Any chance you can send the problem unit back to me? If you can't pin it to a firmware issue we'd be happy to review the hardware. We don't have many failures so it's good to learn from those that do.


Is this still an ongoing issue, or can we close this out?


Closing this out until we hear back. We can reopen it then.

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I have been having similar "Error card.init" issues - but potentially caused by too many log files on the card (+150). It functions correctly again after I, using my PC, remove all the log files except the config.txt file and reinsert the micro sd into the openlog board. Not the same suspected cause as the OP - quite the opposite actually.

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