Escape characters are printed to file in append mode #146

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Running v3.11 and when in append mode the escape characters are printed to file before exiting append mode.


nseidle commented Mar 19, 2013

Hi Magnus! How are you sending the escape characters? By hand or by program? I'm trying to discern which part of the detection loop the characters are being seen.

Hi Nathan.
I'm using an Arduino Mega and the characters are sent by running
Serial3.println("append file.txt");
Serial3.write(26); // Have tried with one, two and three of these as configured in the config file. The result is one, two and three escape characters printed in file.txt and then closing append mode.
I have a "while Serial3.available()" loop that checks for ">" or "<" so I can determine if the append mode is closed.


nseidle commented Apr 8, 2013

Hi Magnus - here is where we begin checking for escape characters.

Escape characters are recorded to the log. I don't see this as an issue, rather, it's by design. There are plenty of cases where the user will want to record raw bytes. In this case OpenLog needs to correctly log all bytes including the random byte that may also be an escape character.

I'm closing this issue because I don't see it as a problem. Please re-open if you think otherwise.

@nseidle nseidle closed this Apr 8, 2013

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