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Re-measure current consumption #151

nseidle opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Users are reporting higher than expected current consumption, 24 to 35mA avg with spikes to 50mA under normal 9600bps writes.


This is crazy, but under 115200, 5V VCC, unit pulls 0.09 to 0.10mA (yep, 100uA) in idle mode (regular new log mode, no characters being received, unit is sleeping until RX happens).


During a long file record, current jumps to 7 and 8mA with a brief peaks of around 13mA.


Tried with 1GB, 1GB, and 8GB cards. Same results.


Hi Nate, I am sorry for leaving my comment and not get back and review it. After getting myself crazy I finally found that the issue was caused by a FAULTY 32Gb cheap chinese SD card. There where no abnormal behaviour with the card in the computer but it worked with faults under Openlog. Tired of it I went and bought one SanDisk 4Gb and... eureka!
It is working now in a datalogger with a triaxis accelerometer.
Thanks for your support.


Hi Max - ahah! That's a nice smoking gun. Thanks for coming back and letting us know.


I concur with the current measurements. With a battery powered system the active current (8 - 13mA) becomes a serious consideration with high duty cycle data recordings (e.g. low speed but high volume of data). The LED is illuminated for longer periods in this scenario as well. I guess the application could be optimised for any given baud rate and power consumption but it works fine "as is" given the high level of configurability / flexibility of the device.


Closing this issue as it appears resolved.

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