Writing 1000 files instead of writing lines to a file #165

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I am trying to log data from Force Pressure Sensors. After each reading of values and writing them to Open Log I wait 20 ms before repeating. However, instead of putting the data in a nice file called LOG###.txt, Open Log produces about 1000 new files called μ (mu), which I cannot read or delete from the card. I repeated my test 4 times and only once did Open Log write one file as promised.
Anybody knows this problem and how to solve it?


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Wow, I haven't heard of such a problem. What voltage are you powering the OpenLog with? What type of SD card?

Please try powering the unit by itself with 5V+GND, no TX/RX connected. You should see a LOG00009.TXT or similarly numbered file. You should be able to generate a new file after each power cycle. If you continue to run into problems please let us know.

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mmjensen: are you still having this problem, or can we close out this issue?


You can close it. I never resolved the problem as such, but I got a new microSD card, and now everything seems to work...

@ToniCorinne ToniCorinne closed this Apr 2, 2014
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