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OpenLog Firmware

  • OpenLog_Firmware - Various versions of firmware that can be uploaded to OpenLog
    • OpenLog - Firmware that ships with OpenLog. '?' command will show the version loaded onto a unit.
    • OpenLog_Light - Used for high-speed logging. By removing the menu and command mode the receive buffer is increased.
    • OpenLog_Minimal - Highest speed logging. Baud rate must be set in code and uploaded. Hardest, most advanced, and best at high-speed logging.
  • Arduino_Examples - Arduino examples for controlling and testing OpenLog
    • Benchmarking - Used to test OpenLog. Sends large amounts of data at 115200bps over multiple files.
    • CommandTest - Example of how to create and append a file via command line control.
    • ReadExample - Example of how to control OpenLog via command line.
    • ReadExample_LargeFile - Example of how to open a large file stored on OpenLog and report it over a local bluetooth connection.
    • Test_Sketch - Used to test OpenLog with lots of serial data.
    • Test_Sketch_Binary - Used to test OpenLog with binary data and escape characters.