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+Propeller P8X32A Breakout
-These are the most up to date hardware files for the [P8X32A Breakout]( at SparkFun Electronics.
+[![Propeller P8X32A Breakout](
+*Propeller P8X32A Breakout (BOB-11525)*](
-The MPU-9150 is an accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer all in a single package with an I2C interface.
+This breakout board gives you everything you need to start playing with the Propeller P8X32A including external flash memory so your program persists through power-down, a crystal oscillator footprint so you can add a clock source if you want to speed things up and all of the GPIO broken out to standard 0.1" spaced headers and labeled.
-The hardware directory contains the Eagle design files
+Repository Contents
+* **/hardware** - Hardware design files for the Propeller P8X32A Breakout Board. These files were designed in Eagle CAD.
+Hardware License

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