Breakout board and example code to control the SPOT Connect Geolocator
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SatUpLink Shield

SatUpLink Shield
SatUpLink Shield(DEV-11088)

Run SPOT Run is a breakout board for the SPOT Connect version of the SPOT Geolocator. It is now retired on the SparkFun store front.

You will need your own registered SPOT ($150 for the hardware, $100 for the subscription), but after that, you should be able to broadcast small text messages (up to 40 characters) from most land masses on the globe.

Please see this tutorial for more information.

The hardware files were designed in Eagle v6.1.0 , and the firmware was developed in Arduino v1.0.

Repository Contents

  • /Firmware - Example Arduino sketch for running the shield
  • /Hardware - All Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)

License Information

The hardware is released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.
All other code is open source so please feel free to do anything you want with it; you buy me a beer if you use this and we meet someday (Beerware license).