Arduino library for the TI CC3000 WiFi module
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Arduino library for the TI CC3000 WiFi Shield and Breakout Board.



Known Issues

Note that the SFE_CC3000_Library was tested with CC3000 firmware v1.24.

The following are known problems with the library and are being actively worked on:

  • Tx/Rx buffers for the CC3000 can easily overflow. Buffer checks need to be added to the library.
  • AES encryption for SmartConfig is not supported.
  • Static IP is not working at this time (only DHCP works).
  • HTTP POST requests work but do not print the whole server response to the console.
  • The library does not work with any Teensey boards. Only ATmega328- and ATmega2560-based Arduinos have been tested.
  • UDP has been tested for transmit only. Receiving UDP packets on the CC3000 is currently not working.

Getting Started

  • Download the Git repository as a ZIP ("Download ZIP" button)
  • Unzip
  • Copy the entire directory (SFE_CC3000_Library) to /libraries
  • Open the Arduino program
  • Select File -> Examples -> SFE_CC3000_Library -> WebClient
  • Change ap_ssid and ap_password to match your WiFi's SSID and password
  • If your WiFi's security is anything other than WPA2, change ap_security to one of WLAN_SEC_UNSEC, WLAN_SEC_WEP, WLAN_SEC_WPA, or WLAN_SEC_WPA2
  • Plug in your Arduino and CC3000 board
  • Go to Tools -> Board and select your Arduino board
  • Go to Tools -> Serial Port and select the COM port of your Arduino board
  • Click "Upload"
  • Go to Tools -> Serial Monitor
  • Ensure the baud rate is set at 115200 baud
  • The program should connect and print out the HTML of

Version History


  • Fixed SD card incompatibility issue. Again. (I broke it in v1.4)


  • Added support for ATmega32u4 (Arduino Leonardo)


  • Added CS pin de-assertion on init to allow for other non-default CS pins


  • Merged pull request from Jacob Rosenthal (
    • Changed IP Addresses to conform to Arduino's other networking libraries (e.g. using the IPAddress class)
    • Implemented UDP connections


  • Added support for the Arduino Mega


  • Fixed SD card incompatibility issues
  • Added WebClientSD.ino example sketch to show SD card working with CC3000


  • Initial release
  • Manual connection implemented
  • SmartConfig and FastConnect implemented
  • Ping implemented
  • TCP connections implemented
  • Users can perform HTTP GET and HTTP POST


This code is beerware; if you see me (or any other SparkFun employee) at the local, and you've found our code helpful, please buy us a round!

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.