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SparkLib is a modest collection of PHP libraries from your friends at SparkFun Electronics.

We find these useful; maybe you will too. That said, we lay no special claims to originality or general applicability. Interfaces herein are unstable, the wheel is reinvented often, and most features depend on a recent stable release of the language. Cleverness is avoided where possible.

Documentation, such as it is, can generally be found in the code.

Contents include:

  • Autoloader - a simple, almost-standards-compliant autoloader
  • Bugzilla - a very simple client for a subset of the Bugzilla API
  • Fail - a simple error and exception logging facility
  • Iterator - A base class with extra methods for SPL Iterators
  • Math - math stuffs
  • SocialNoise - quick and dirty display of search results for some social networks
  • Template - a simple interface for using PHP files as templates
  • Util - a miscellany
  • jsonRPC - a half-baked fork of Sergio Vaccaro's JSON-RPC code

-- bpb

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