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A wall of addressable LEDs inspired by the Netflix series Stranger Things that displays messages from Twitter.
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Stranger Things Wall project

Send your own messages from the upside down with this creepy project!

Using individually addressable LEDs, we've recreated Joyce's Christmas light message board from the Netflix original series "Stranger Things". In this repository, you'll find the code necessary to enable a string of LEDs to capture and display tweets.

You'll need some kind of Arduino to communicate with the LEDs (we used a Pro Mini and some kind of PC that can run Python (we used a pcDuino3 because of its built in WiFi and native Python support, and because we had one lying around unused, but any internet enabled SBC should work).

The Arduino code was written in the IDE v1.6.9, and the Python code is running under Python 2.7.3. You'll need the Adafruit Neopixel library, which can be found in the Library Manager inside the Arduino IDE, and TwitterSearch Python library, which can be easily installed via pip.

Additionally, you'll have to create your own "" file with your Twitter application credential details; see for more information on doing just that.

Have fun, and if you make your own version, please send us pictures!

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